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NDC Accreditation

In the NDC Accreditation Pathway, health professionals consolidate advanced skills in identification and management of breastfeeding, feeds, unsettled infant behaviour and mental health challenges presenting in the first year of life, applying innovative NDC clinical tools, evidence-based parent education, and strategies adapted for the perinatal period from contextual behavioural science and self-compassion therapy.

Registration in the NDC Accreditation Pathway includes access to

  • Sleep Baby & You
    • Illustrated parent handouts
    • Workbook
    • 14 animations
  • The Possums Baby and Toddler Sleep Program
  • The Gestalt method of fit and hold
  • Breastfeeding stripped bare (under development, projected date of completion end of 2024)

at no extra charge.

What's involved?

This course requires 50 hours of your time and is completed flexibly over a 12 month period. If you wish to take longer, you are welcome to re-register for another year. Both the Breastfeeding and Unsettled Infant + Perinatal Mental Health Masterclasses are pre-requisites, and must be completed either prior to commencement (separate purchases) or in the first 6 months of your participation in the NDC Accreditation Pathway (as a bundle purchase).

The Pathway comprises

  1. Pre- and post-course multiple choice questions (100)
  2. At least 8 Live Network Hours (including online case discussions) with Dr Pamela Douglas
  3. Regular live online Clinical Demonstrations by Dr Pamela Douglas with voluntary parents and babies
  4. Access to the NDC Network, a closed online chat group for professional peer support
  5. Access to the NDC Resource Hub, which contains a wealth of materials: parent handouts, clinical tools and guidelines, recorded clinical demonstrations, videos of talks and conference presentations, education articles, PowerPoint presentations, podcasts and research articles.

If you are a medical practitioner you also receive access to

  • Monthly Live Network Hours for medical practitioners, led by Dr Pamela Douglas
  • A closed online chat group for medical practitioners only, in addition to the broader online peer support of the NDC Network (under development)

When you have successfully completed NDC Accreditation, you will be entitled to

Maintenance of NDC Accreditation requires annual renewal of your membership with The NDC Institute.

The cost for the course is $850 AUD (including GST for Australians).

Interested in signing up but still have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at