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Unsettled Infant & Parent Mental Health

Up to 38% of parents report infant sleep problems in the first months of life. Sleep training (or first wave behavioural approaches) are commonly recommended but studies show that sleep training does not decrease the frequency of night-waking and exacerbates parental anxiety. The latest research in neuroscience and attachment psychology demonstrates the importance of responsive care for optimal developmental outcomes.

About 20% of families in the first few months of life report infant crying problems, but most health professionals don’t feel adequately trained to manage this presentation. Parents of crying babies are at increased risk of postnatal depression, yet receive a great deal of conflicting advice when they seek help, which worsens anxiety. Cry-fuss problems are not as benign as previously thought but are associated with increased risk of child abuse, premature cessation of breastfeeding, and behavioural and developmental challenges in later childhood.

Importantly, both infant regulatory problems and breastfeeding difficulty have bidirectional relationships with postnatal anxiety and depression and constitute critical modifiable risk factors for maternal mood disorders and later child development problems.

This course helps you

  • Apply The Possums Baby and Toddler Sleep Intervention, our internationally groundbreaking method for supporting parents as they create enjoyable nights and days without leaving baby to cry
  • Apply the 5 domain NDC approach to management of cry-fuss problems
  • Apply focussed strategies from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Self-Compassion Therapy, adapted for time-constrained consultations in the perinatal period
  • Avoid unnecessary diagnoses and treatments
  • Understand the underlying research.

What's involved?

The NDC Unsettled Infant and Perinatal Mental Health Masterclasses are consecutively delivered over a 6 week period every 3 months throughout the year. They alternate with the NDC Breastfeeding Masterclasses. You can take up to 12 months to complete the NDC Unsettled Infant and Perinatal Mental Health Masterclasses

The Masterclasses are held live online (Zoom) @ 7 pm AEST on Wednesday nights. You can join in flexibly from whenever you register, or view the content online. This course requires a total of 12 hours of your time: 6 x 1-hour Masterclasses + 6 x e-learning preparatory hours.

You will receive

  • Introductory preparatory resources (videos + PowerPoints with audio)
  • A digital workbook and e-flashcards to assist with learning
  • Access to a recorded version of the Masterclass from 48 hours after the live online Masterclass (Australian GPs who wish to claim CPD points from the RACGP are required to attend live online)
  • Two Clinical Demonstrations live online with Dr Pamela Douglas and volunteer parents with babies, with recording available afterwards.

You will also need to complete the Breastfeeding Masterclasses if you wish to join the NDC Accreditation Pathway .

The cost for the course is $350 AUD (including GST for Australians).

Interested in signing up but still have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at